OWS is a major supplier of tubulars and related accessories to the rental market. The company has contracts with most major operators and rig contractors, including a major pan European contract with Shell EPE. Equipment is supplied to floaters, jack-ups, platforms, drillships and to landrigs.

New Equipmnet

The company has invested heavily in new equipment during the last years. Most new drillstrings and related equipment is manufactured in accordance with the NS-1 specification. All equipment is inspected in accordance with NS-2, making OWS the front runner with respect to safety relating to inspection standards.


The division supplies a wide range of downhole tools and tubulars. Stocks are deployed to operating bases on the basis of local demand and opportunity.

Major product lines include:

  • Drillpipe, collars, HW drill pipe and test/intervention tubing
  • Elevators, slips, elevator links (bails) 
  • Subs, valves, pup joints etc.
  • Non magnetic collars, drilling jars and shock tools
  • Holeopeners
  • Flexweight collars
  • Stabilizers and reamers

Full responsibility

OWS is capable of delivering everything from an individual piece of equipment to taking full responsibility of a complete drill string, including all equipment necessary for running and handling the string.

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