OWS endeavours to continuously develop new technology within the industry. The company delivers the safest and most efficient services using radio-controlled, remote-operated technology and new handling equipment that makes operation easier and safer.

OWS is a leading company in the field of remote-operated equipment, often self-developed in cooperation with local vendors. As a result, OWS is experiencing growing interest in its services.

Ahead in Tong Systems

OWS delivers high-torque tong systems up to 85.000 ft/lbs. The remote-operated tong systems that OWS has developed during the last ten years have the added benefits of:

  • Increased efficiency and safety.
  • Personnel and hands-free rig floor operations.
  • Ability to design custom made equipment for rigs where workspace is limited.
  • Non-marking chrome operations.
  • High-tech torque turn system.
  • Less personnel required.

Ahead in Tubular Handling Tools

OWS has developed a range of remote operated handling tools including:

  • Power slips complete with integrated safety clamp for ranges up to 20".
  • Sliding spider designed for complex completions.
  • Advanced interlock systems.
  • Thread doping/cleaning applicator system. 

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